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Welcome to my Global Studies Portfolio

I'm Cameron Jandreau, I've been at Watkinson since 7th grade, I am now a rising junior enrolled in the Global Studies Program. My high school experience has allowed me to explore various opportunities and find new interests.
I’ve participated in the Service Learning trip to the Dominican Republic three times, where I have worked with the construction team to build homes for families in the batey’s, and a cafeteria at John Hartman school. The goal of our trip is to “send teams of students, teachers, parents, alumni and alumni parents to La Romana to provide medical care, distribute food, and build homes for the displaced Haitians that live in the sugar cane work camps in that region”. However, as a repeat traveler, this trip has allowed me to build relationships and foster bonds with the men and women that facilitate, support, take care of us, and work side by side with us everyday. They are all animated and caring people with deep roots in their faith. This trip taught me to be resilient, independent, and compassionate.
In sports, I’ve played hockey outside of school from a very young age, and it’s truly a passion of mine. I have found I enjoy team sports, most recently Frisbee, and Cross Country as an individual sport that challenged me physically but was rewarding as well. When I was young I remember my father would take photos of us, nature, places we loved and visited, our pets and more. I was always intrigued by what he was doing and how this machine worked. He was the first to allow me to hold a camera and explore and see the world through its lens. Now, after two years of photography class in high school, I can say it has broaden my view of the world through a unique lens, and allowed me to capture people, nature, and situations with my own perspective.

Academically, I am interested in history, politics, and world events because I like to analyze policies, human behavior and share my thoughts and beliefs. My future aspiration in college is to pursue a major in Political Sciences with a focus on Criminalistics or Criminology.
Recently,I had the opportunity to be employed part-time at Popover Bakery and Bistro, in Simsbury. This job was hard work and demanding but it has allowed me some financial independence as well as exposed me to the workforce. I learned to how work under pressure, deal with difficult personalities, establish a reliable work ethic by being punctual, and being flexible. 


Jandreau, Kingswood Oxford Varsity Hockey-2017

PHOTO (1 of 1).jpg

Jandreau Photo Portfolio- 2019


Jandreau, Bloomfield, CT- 2019

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